Costa Maternity Session

It was so fun spending some time with Antoinette, Jason and big sister Kayla! We headed to Central Park in Huntington Beach, and the light was perfect for a fun family maternity shoot. Antoinette brought some adorable props with their little girls name, which made for some beautiful shots! Can’t wait to see that their little bundle has arrived!

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Bruns Family Session

I’ve known Katie since she was a tiny thing! Her sister and I were in Girl Scouts together, and our little siblings were always along for the ride. I’ve seen her grow up, get married and now become a mommy…so amazing! Loved spending an afternoon capturing Katie, Drew and tiny Tatum. He is such a fun little guy and I can’t wait to see what he becomes!  


Leonhardt Family Session

My husband and I met Denise and Adam in childbirth class when Denise and I were both pregnant with our first! Our baby girls were born just ten days apart and what fun it is to¬†swap stories and share the joys of motherhood with each other. Heidi has the spunk of ten kiddos all wrapped up in her little heart, and my goodness is she fun to watch! She’s going to change the world, that one… just wait! But grow up slowly, little girl! Your parents don’t want to miss a single thing!

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