Saturday with the Elkins

If you know me, then you know that being an Aunt is one of my favorite jobs. A bunch of sweet kiddos that you get to play with, spoil, and send back to their parents at bedtime? Sign me up!

So when I had a whole Saturday with the Elkins clan, I decided to try to grab some photos of all three kiddos. Getting all of them to cooperate at the same time is NOT easy, but we (mostly) had a blast and I followed through on my bribes of ice cream, m&m’s and the playground.
Elkins Kids 8x10s-1 Elkins Kids 8x10s-2 Elkins Kids 8x10s-4 Elkins Kids 080115-11 Elkins Kids 080115-20 Elkins Kids 080115-23 Elkins Kids 080115-24 Elkins Kids 080115-26 Elkins Kids 080115-28 Elkins Kids 080115-30 Elkins Kids 080115-31 Elkins Kids 080115-41 Elkins Kids 080115-47 Elkins Kids 080115-49


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